Stay In Your Lane

When we begin to get into the swing of our calling, it is so easy to get full of ourselves. We feel that once we get into a rhythm, we can start to branch out to other areas of our interest. Why? Because it’s what culture dictates. Note I said our interest. There is an unspoken philosophy that culture has embedded into society that says whatever we feel like doing we should. However, our faith says that we are servants. We serve the almighty God. The God who gives plans for us to prosper and to have a hope for the future.

God sets us on a track for success according to the gifts that He has given us. God equips us to perform a singular purpose and to stay in that purpose for the time that He deems necessary. We as humans have a time clock that we tend to follow. Culturally, we set time limits for when accomplishments need to happen. For example, women follow a biological clock for child bearing. When a woman hits right about thirty years old, she tends to panic and feel like she is a failure because she hasn’t started a family. Every time a woman goes through this cycle and asks, “God why hasn’t this happened?”, He returns with a question, “Who told you that? Have you forgotten Sarah?”

So goes with our endeavors, professional and personal. But, God says, “Stay in your lane. I have you in that purpose on purpose for the time that I need you there.” Let’s look at the prophet Samuel. In reading the accounts of Samuel, I admit I skipped over a section. The section I’m referring to is 1 Samuel 7:15-17. It reads, And Samuel judged Israel all the days of his life. And he went from year to year in circuit to Beth-el, and Gilgal, and Mizpeh, and judged Israel in all those places. And his return was to Ramah; for there was his house; and there he judged Israel; and there he built an altar unto the Lord. (KJV)

Let me draw your attention to verse 16. Samuel traveled to three cities, then back home to Ramah – Beth-l, Gilgal and Mizpeh. No deviation, shortcuts or side trips. What if Samuel did not follow the circuit? What if Samuel did what we do? He became accomplished as a judge and leader. What if he decided to go to another job before it was his time to take a step back? How many times have we been successful following God’s plan and decided to go off the path to pursue something that interested us? You tell yourself how hard you worked, you deserve a little something for yourself. How many times have we been deceived in following something that looked like our path? Something that was close but not quite and followed it anyway.

So, How Do We Stay In Our Lane?

Take a moment from time to time to analyze your walk. To make sure that you are still on the road that God has laid out for you. Ask Him for clarity of mind and purpose. What lane or lanes are you supposed to be in? Yes, I said lanes plural. Sometimes we underestimate the power that God has put inside of us. Consider the story of Deborah in Judges 4 and 5. She was a wife, a judge and a prophet. If you are wandering with the knowledge that your are not where you’re supposed to be, sit down and get in some one on one time with God and ask Him a few questions. He’ll answer you.

Ask God if this your season to run in those lane/lanes. Then ask Him for the courage to walk the path He’s set out for you. You need to have courage to walk the road God puts you on. Why? Because you will be going against the grain of society, culture and traditions more often than not. You need to be able to stand up flat footed in your faith to your most beloved loved one that thinks you have lost your mind for doing what God is calling you to do. Sometimes other people have plans for you and you need the clarity of your purpose to tell them, “Thanks but God and I got this!”

Ask God for the courage to execute the confidence that He has given you. You will need it to walk in the purpose that He has for you despite what other people say and think. Despite the plans that they have laid out for you. Uh oh! I just stepped on some parents’ toes. Every parent has a plan that they’d like for their children to follow. That’s okay. But parents, please consider what your children are called to. Understand that God has a plan for them that will supersede all of your plans for them. Parents are an obvious example but the same goes for friends, family, and coworkers in the faith. We may see potential and they may operate well in an area but what God says goes. Be good counsel to them instead.

Another thing that we need to walk in God’s plan and purpose is competence. Invest in what God has given you. Educate yourself and prepare. God will give you a seed to develop. He’s never going to give you a tree unless you have been prepared in advance. Ask God what steps you need to take to be competent in the gifts that He has given you. Stay in the Word. Stay in prayer and be careful not to overestimate your ability. If you do, you’re going to end up with egg on your face. Also, be careful not to underestimate your gifts. That will open you up to being misused and abused.

Lastly, be committed. Commit your will to God. Exercise your faith in God and have the patience to operate in His time. Keep your eyes on God’s leading and your progress. Don’t look at someone else’s success and think that you can do it in less time or that you’re a failure because you have less done in the same time. Time is not the focus. Your walk is the focus. God’s will is the focus. Learn from that veteran. God showed you that person so that you could learn from that person. Stay committed in what God told you. Don’t deviate from His plan and hold on to the promises He made to you. ~ Selah


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