Have You Made Yourself Available?

Jesus teaches us to love one another. It’s a basic tenant of the Christian faith. Love. However, without Christ, you really don’t know what true love is. We need to open our whole selves up to the Lord so we can be changed. We need to make ourselves available to Him.

Someone close to me told me I was “perfect” and they didn’t mean it in a nice way. That the reason they didn’t bother with me was that I always did everything. I felt guilty for a long time because I did need them and had gone to them for help.

I thought that I just went on default and just did what I needed to do on my own. It was the way I had always been. If I had a problem, it was up to me to solve it. I don’t have all the answers and I’m just trying to do the opposite of what isn’t working.

Then God showed me that it wasn’t that I didn’t express my need, it was that when I needed them they made themselves unavailable to me because of the box of perfection they’ve put me in. I watched them drop everything for others but when it came to me there was an excuse or they would agree but procrastinate so long that I would have to take care of it myself anyway. I did go by default. I just bypassed asking for assistance because, in my mind, they’ve made it known that they don’t want to do anything for me.

So, I asked God what could I change? I had some choice words for God. Why didn’t they see that I do everything because I don’t have anyone that will help? Why can’t they see I’m there whenever anyone needs me? You gave me a task and I’m trying to carry it out and if people think this about me, how am I supposed to do what you asked if they won’t even make themselves available to me? God checked me and asked me, “Have you made yourself available to me?” It gave me pause. Of course, I did…I think. And of course, I didn’t. Not completely. I did to God what others were doing to me.

So, I licked my wounds and refocused. I was drawn to Colossians. Paul loved God so much that even in captivity, he stayed on his mission for God. He made himself available to God even in prison. Have you made yourselves available? Do you make yourselves available? For me, the root of making myself available is simply loving the Lord. It means,

L-leaving the past where it belongs; in the past. Forgive others transgressions as God has forgiven yours. Don’t let it dictate your present and future. Because something hasn’t worked before doesn’t mean that God won’t step in and make it happen next time. He will tell you when not to do something. Every day, clean your slate and everyone around you. Don’t let past sleights influence how you deal with people in your present.

O-omitting distractions that take your focus from God.  It doesn’t matter what things look like, if God is in the midst, all things are possible. Trust that and believe it! If He’s done the impossible for you before, He can do it again!

V-verifying what you’re told is from the Lord. Make sure what you’re hearing and thinking will not bring chaos and doubt to your life and change your focus.

E-effecting the change the Lord wants you to make. God has never failed while your heart is right toward Him.

And above all, stay in prayer. Colossians 4:2 states, devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Pray constantly and not just when you want something, need something or want to complain about something. Think about where He brought you from. Isn’t He worth making yourself available? ~ Selah